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Does it Make Sense to Get Life Insurance For Your Children?

Generally speaking, it doesn’t usually make sense to purchase life insurance for your children. While losing a child is devastating for any parent, no family is likely to be reliant on a minor’s income for survival. However, there are some special circumstances where buying life insurance on your child makes …

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Low Cost Renters Insurance to Protect Your Interests in 2023

Renters insurance is specifically for the contents of your rental unit, but not the building itself. Unlike home insurance, renters insurance premiums are extremely cheap. Some insurance providers allow you customize your renters insurance to suit your exact needs or budget. While homeowners should always have house insurance to protect …

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The Legal Fundamentals of Auto Accidents

There are four fundamental elements that must be proven in an auto accident claim. Find out how to demonstrate duty of care, breach of duty, causation, and harm. Being involved in an auto accident can be frightening, especially if you’re injured. You likely have many questions running through your head, …

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How Appliance Insurance Can Save Seniors Money and Hassle

Appliance insurance

It’s a familiar sight: the washer suddenly breaks down mid-cycle, leaving a pile of sodden clothes and a wash of anxiety. Or, perhaps it is the fridge that decides to retire, putting that big holiday spread at risk. While home appliance breakdowns can be inconvenient and costly for anyone, they …

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